Stakeboards, friends’ birthdays and pigs.

After packing, I headed on over to Leeds North West to help with the delivery. Wherever you go round there, there seem to be Lib Dem diamonds up. Stakeboards, window posters, you name it. There are a few Conservative posters round Bramhope (for some reason they seem not to have fielded a serious candidate this year). I’ve seen only one house with labour boards in the garden and posters all over the windows. What’s going on, have the other parties given up?

Even as someone merely delivering the Lib Dem message I am getting a positive reception from people saying they’ll be voting for Greg.

In the evening I headed on down to Loughbourgh. For it was Claire Thorpe’s 30th birthday. Was good to catch up with people and there was a mini SSAGO Exec of 98 reunion as Simon and Karen Pugsley were amongst the party goers. I arrived in time to be fed lots of nicely cooked meat from the barbecue, which I supplemented with rice salad from the buffet. I do like rice salad.

I set my alarm for the next day, but did not stir until I heard people playing with Alex’s toys.

So I left at 11, narrowly missing breakfast at McDonalds and headed on back to Leeds. Slave driver that she is Hazel got me straight out delivering two more rounds when I returned to the HQ.

I made sure I left at 6pm, to get home in time to watch Doctor Who on BBC3. “Aliens of London” appears to have divided fans, but most regular people appear to have loved it. This episode was for me full of some great scenes and concepts, but I could have done without the farting. In fact it is the only episode this series where I’ve run the tape back and watched it a second time straight away.

So all in all a great weekend.

“And so to bed.”


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