Time for bed…

Just finished measuring out the quantities of Good Morning and “Stop Press” leaflets for tomorrow morning. OK, later this morning as it’s now gone midnight, and I’m unliekely to get more than 3 hours sleep. I’m told Peter A would offer me a bed at his parents as they know me through Scouts (all of us being warented leaders in the same district), but he’s out putting signs up. Instead Gavin has offered to let me lay my sleeping bag on his bed… given the mad fool doesn’t plan to sleep. I worry about what’s going to happen to him once this is over and he needs to shut down.

Worryingly Greg too was still busy until a few minutes ago. Being the candidate, he’s the one who needs to look the best of all of us, however I didn’t feel telling him to go home would be popular. Perhaps because we’re all still up and working for him he feels he should be doing somthing too.

Less that 24 hours till the polls close…


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