Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning- Ah.

Left HQ at 05:30 with someone in tow to deliver Good Morning leaflets to the Holtdale estate. We split the whole thing odds and evens, with instructions to finish the others delivery should one finish first.

The estate is very quick to deliver but very confusingly laid out. Few people showed their allegiances- one Lib Dem, one Labour, one conservative and one English Democrat household. But I know there’s more as people round here have previously said our stuff is welcome with them.

We saw no happy smiling Labour activists. Instead we saw two or three miserable scowling Labour activists. Surely they can’t be down this early. Unlesss…

I saw one putting a leaflet through John H’s door. I didn’t know it was his door until I turned round and saw him leaving for work. I hope he didn’t think it was me, I was on a different row of houses then.

I caught sight of what Labour were delivering. A leaflet with a sinister picture of Micahel howard, with the slogan “There is no Real Alternative.” Ha! We shall see.

I can understand the lack of motivation amongst Labour people. They have everything to lose, we have everything to gain, so they have to result to scaring their disaffected supporters with the prospect of a Tory government.

I feel cross. I mean they’re obviously (as Judith Blake put it) “spinning a line”. However I feel amused and upbeat at the same time.


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