Too many sheets

Was sent out with Peter and Beth to call on voters in the Cookridge area.

There is some concerns with some: they seem to have received postal ballots without asking for them. But they did get them in on time. Other people needed reassuring there was no local election in Leeds this year.

One lady was interesting. At the beginning she mistook me for Greg. She wanted to talk to me about concerns about the postal voting system, an whether she could have been identified as a Lib Dme supporter by third parties. She also turned out to be quite anti-EU. I told her our best Eurosceptic policies, while poining out the minuet porportion of our taxes that go to the EU, and outlining the benefits that I myself had recieved from the EU.

That was a learning experience.

Most people I had called on had voted, which was encouraging, and only one voter no longer supported us. We were out for hours, turned out we’d been given far too many sheets of people to visit.

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