"If you’re willing to change the world, let love be your energy"

Oh my that was intense.

I can’t really explain if you weren’t involved. I learned such a lot and it was fantastic being part of a winning team.

The day started at 5am delivering “Good Morning leaflets” which I’d been counting out till midnight the night before. We saw no happy smiling Labour activists on our rounds. We actually saw miserable scowling Labour activitsts. Hunting in packs.

Looking back it strikes me that there was a feeling of excitement and optimism.

We deserved to win, not just because we worked so hard, but because, and I never dared say this in earshot of Greg, the other two main candidates were so pathetic.

I’m actually going to write up the day so it looks like I blogged in real time, so in case you think- “Huh did he carry his computer round with him”- no no computer access for nearly three days it just looks better like that.


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