I’m in one of those moods when song lyrics appear to be speaking to me personally.

But even so, when random selction brings up Nina Simone singing “Feeling Good”, my hair still stands on end. People say Coldplay is miserable, but Clocks has just come up and while melancholic, I find the tone of the piece hopefull. Perhaps it’s because I’m not listening to the lyrics on that one.

Good tracks that have come up included Last Train by Lostprophets, and She Cries Your Name by Beth Orton, both c/o Amy.

Was at a friend Beth’s birthday do in Leeds last night, it was a good night and a good crowd, and it went the sort of places I wouldn’t normally go to. We ended up in Fab Cafe and the music there was just great. Unfortunatly after spending the morning asleap I now can’t remember what we were listening to. I do however remember a disagreement over what was Erasures greatest song, the girls reconed “Respect” while the lads seemed to be going for “Breath of Life” (whose chorus begins “Take me I’m yours…”).


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