The Blaidd Drwg of Raxacoricofallapatorius

Just seen this weeks Doctor Who, more of a character piece than an adventure, but still very good. One niggle though: if The Doctor, Rose and Jack can understand Alien languages through the use of the TARDIS’ telepathic abilities, why can’t Rose understand Welsh?

Now the cat is out of the bag, The Doctor has drawn the viewers attention to the Bad Wolf References. Will we find out what it all means before this series ends? Well next week’s episode is called “Bad Wolf”.

Russell T Davies, in TV & Satellite Week, has this to say on the whole “Bad Wolf” thing and this weekend’s reveal:

I didn’t think people would notice, but I should have known that science fiction fans would spot it blindfolded from 300 miles! All will be revealed next week. A lot of people think it’s a super-villain, though I can’t imagine why he would graffiti his name all over the place! It’s a bit subtler than that. It’s a lovely pay-off. But there’s no big panto villain.

(As spotted by Scott).


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