Bad Wolf Warning

And so the rollercoaster of a ride that’s been Doctor Who 2005 reaches its conclusion. On Saturday we found out what the whole “Bad Wolf” mystery was about.

Well we did and we didn’t. We found out that the Bad Wolf Corporation was the media in 2002nd century Earth, when the Doctor, Rose and Jack are drawn into three of the corporation’s deadly game shows. But the corporation is a front for something darker, hiding out on the edge of the universe. It turns out that the terrific trio were kidnapped by the controller of the station herself, in a last desperate attempt to defy her masters and save humanity from the plight it is blind to.

Why am I bothering summarizing this? Odds are you’ve either seen the episode yourself, or that you’re not in any way interested. Anyway Bad Wolf was the first of two parts, so I’m probably best waiting until the weekend to say how brilliant it was. If you want a review now, read Nick, but I warn you he’s a tad enthusiastic.

In my opinion we’re just coming to the end of 13 weeks of excellent Saturday night TV. It certainly seems to have captured the imagination of most of my friends, and has spread its tendrils halfway across the internet. Ditching the technobabble and padding for adventure, wild concepts and silly names. Say after me, “The Mighty Jagrafess”, “Blaidd Drwg”, “Raxacoricofallapatorius.” Brings something back to me, although I’m not sure what.

People who know me know I’m a Doctor Who fan. My name, Biscit, first appeared in a Doctor Who novel way before I started using it on the internet myself. But my interest has waned over recent months, I don’t buy the books any more (save of course those written by my friends), have stopped purchasing DWM, and like my Doctor Who friends had become jaundiced towards the group of people mysanthropically referred to as the “Big Finish Mafia”.

But then out of the blue, in late 2003, it was announced that it was coming back. Not only that, but the show would be shaped by TV god, Russell T Davies. Perked my interest, but only slightly. But then my friends started to get excited, and I couldn’t work out why, having almost forgotten why we were friends.

As it got closer and closer to 26th March, and the anticipation grew. I told myself, I can take it or leave it, I’m too old to care too much. If I didn’t like it, Doctor Who would be there for a new generation, and I could revisit the classic series whenever I could be bothered. I didn’t expect, aged 32, to get this excited about a TV programme. I certainly didn’t expect it to become must see TV.

So now 12 weeks in of some of the best TV in ages reaches its climax on Saturday. It’s been fantastic. I’m going to have horrible withdrawal symptoms.

Update 14/06/2005: According to the Times the identity of “Bad Wolf” is yet to be revealed! See also today’s post.


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