Updated 8/7/5.

Well, given the big news story of the day- how do I feel.

Simple answer I feel nothing. No anger, no worry, no greif, no shock.

Actually I think shock may have a tiny bit to do with the lack of any other feeling.

Having thought about it my emotions may be incomprehension and bewilderment with a tiny bit of anger.

Looking throughout the Blogs the overall mood seems to be one of sadness and defiance, with just a little sentimentalism which can be excused at times like these.

Unlike Will I am not surprised that Charles Clarke and co are resisting the urge to say somthing crass and stupid like “with ID cards this may never have happened.” You don’t get to stand for Parliament for a major political party if youre a complete insensitive dipstick. Or maybe you do, but you certainly don’t get into the cabinet.

I’m impressed at the measured way most people are dealing with this. Eye witness reports say when faced with an emergency, Londoners just got on with it, no panic, no hysteria, and certainly no selfishness. OK so there was a certain amount of screaming, but it would be totally unrealistic to expect otherwise. As Ken Livingstone said the conduct of those involved in yesterdays incidents is somthing to admire, and for the second time in a week I’m proud to be part of the same nation as these people.

And now, while writing this, it hits home- the thought of the horror people in the heart of it must have faced, and the bravery, such bravery. A tear is trickling down my face and there is somthing burning inside.


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