That was a good weekend, the explorers seemed to enjoy it, and the other leaders are planning for more events next year. One of the explorers has reportedly told his mum, it was the “Best camp ever”.

I learned quite a bit by doing during and before the weekend, there are certainly things I would do differently next time. I was a bit shonky on the buying of sundries (matches, bin liners, pepper salt etc), but as it was my first time being in charge of the organisation of an event involving under 18s (have co-run an alternative rally with Nicola and organised a New Year trip for Birmingham past members and similar 18+ stuff) … And I think there were more times when the other leaders wanted me to take a lead, and others where I needed to go with the flow.

After dropping the kit off, popped into Leeds to visit a cashmachine to reset the pin on my Scout Association credit card. Unfortunately the community support officers checking cars around the market car park were actually moving them on and when I returned my car was behind a line of police tape due to a security alert. So Idecided to pop into The Light and see Batman Begins. Really great film.


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