A quiz

OK several songs reduced to a synposis, can you name them?

  1. Somehow a load of ballons get released into the sky and drift off to the horizon. This causes alarms to go off and there is an all out alert. Trigger happy generals send off pilots in Jet fighters (each one considering himself to be somthing of a hero). There is a war for many years and the city is destroyed. In the dust we find a balloon, and let it go.

  2. An admin worker, bored of her job, dreams of going back and witnessing the Hiroshima bomb from close quaters

  3. A man bored of his life answers a personal ad as a form of escapism, the woman seems to like all the things he does. So he writes back and agrees to meet in a bar whereupon he discovers the ad was placed by his wife, they have a laugh and their love is rekindled.

  4. A musician tries to comfort his best friend’s son who is feeling bad about things at home and suggests the boy go out and find a woman to share his life


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