The Six Dales

This year I had a different role on the Six Dales, after three years spent as Kit transport, Timekeeper, and supporter respectively.

I arrived at Lofthouse village hall opened the boot- and found I’d left my day sack at home. Fortunately I had packed enough spare clothes and food to cope with what I had, and had put the maps in the main part of the car.

When we arrived at Kilnsey the first few teams had already been through. Blacksheep team X were long gone. But the other two were there. Two Explorers had dropped out of the all male team meaning our junior team had to lend them a member to let them carry on as “Team 301”.

After they left the minutes ticked by. Half an hour after the checkpoint closed to through traffic, we set off. It was a pleasant walk, far more pleasant than an hour before when the explorers set off. We split and followed the two obvious routes on the map, a gravel track and a footpath. After just over an hour we arrive at Moss Dale.

We though it was all going swimmingly, as we’d seen no stragglers on the way. Unfortunately it was not to be, as the checkpoint informed us that two teams were missing.

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