Why do I bother?

I’ve come up with an opportunity for my Explorers that’s a bit different. A bit special. It means I have to make sacrifices myself (it clashes with SAGGA summer camp) but hey. All I asked was for them to tell me if they were interested or not. Yes or No, not too much to ask? Oooh boy.

I produced information on it. Not one explorer took home the sheet. Not one. Sorry, I tell a lie, one had the good manners to say he wasn’t taking it because it clashed with a family holiday, but none of the others said “No thanks” “Sorry, not interested.”

If you are an Explorer, please take note, walking off is not an acceptable way of saying “No thank you.”

I did go and make the mistake of telling my father all about it. You’d think I’d learn that he’s not the ideal person to speak to when down about Scouting- as he has somthing of a chip on his shoulder about it, not understandinng the relationship between a Church and an open sponsored Scout group. He tries to say “don’t worry about it” but ends up saying “What you are, and what you do is worthless.”


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