Politically Correct?

Now you may have gathered I’m not the sort of person to bang on about “Political Correctness Gone Mad”. I have a special withering look for the sort of loony who likes to use that phrase.

However when hearing about Cheif Inspector of Prisons Anne Owers remarks in the report on Wakefield Jail, thoughts of political correctness sprang to mind.

It’s one thing to declare that tie pins showing political, religious, national or other affiliation can be misinterpreted. But it’s quiet another to label a national flag as potentially racist. I think more political correctness, or sensitivity to other peoples feelings as it is more correctly called, would have been in order. The remarks were ill-judged and have caused far greater offence to more people than the tie pins themselves ever would.

And raising it as a concern is over the top too, the “Staff should not wear unauthoised tie pins” recommendation was more than enough.


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