Last week’s news round-up

So last week. The BBC unveiled the new face of the cybermen. And Billie Piper is rumoured to have handed in her notice on Doctor Who.

On and the Prime minister lost a vote.

Forgive me for being dismissive of the 40-odd Labour MPs who caused their leader a headache by standing up for democracy rather than their party, but life will go on. I mean if we’re really making a song and dance about MPs standing up for the intersts of the people of this country we’re in deep trouble. My new (Labour) MP voted alongside my current (Conservative) MP, and the ones I helped get elected in Leeds and Manchester. Perhaps some people will learn that there must be more people running the country than one man at the top.

What did go almost unnoticed was a few weeks ago when Claire Short drew to our attention just how much power is in the hands. A few years ago the King ruled by Royal prerogative. Now we have a parliamentary democracy, and the powers have merely been transferred to those in government. Claire Shorts private members bill attempted to put just one of those powers under proper scruitiny, the power to ignore parliament and take the country to war. The bill was defeated by lack of time of course, but brought these powers to the fore. The main problem is that with an uncodified constitution, we have no record of the extent the powers the Government has under the Roayl Prerogative, or who is qualified to wield them.

Over a lovely evening meal, one Sunday evening in Blackpool, some nice people tried to convince me of the importance of this issue, and as “homework” we were asked to write to our MPs. Well I can’t help but hope this is one issue our elected representatives have a chance to return to.


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