On the way home I put some petrol in my car, and spotted the headline on todays “Daily Express”, complaining about the Dianna memorial fund giving money to asylum seekers and gypsies. This is furthering the myth that asylum seekers are freeloading scum, and not refugees fleeing from persecution. As far as I remember Princess Dianna was a supporter of the marginalised and disposessed in society, famously taking her sons on visits to homless shelters. The suggestion that asylum seekers don’t fit with this is outrageous, more about the right wing press’ image of them than reality. The article dismisses the fund as paying out to “fringe groups”. I think that term could describe most causes Dianna supported.

Fortunately I can’t find the same story in the online edition, but know I’m being too optimistic in thinking that’s beacuase they’re embarassed of making such statements.

Prompted by will I have elaborated on this post.

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