2 Weeks to go

I need to organize how I am going to move to Steeton from here, there is a van hire company locally who charge the same basic rates as the one we used to use in Leeds, and the cheapest over in Manchester. So if anyone’s available on 3rd December or anytime in the week following please let me know and I will be gratefull. I will probably be only moving small items on the 3rd.
The precice day of moving the big stuff is dependant on when the electrician can do his bit, if I have time to let him fix the consumer unit and kitchen before I move in fully, I’ll do that, otherwise it’ll probably be the Monday.

I have been doing further maintainace on my PC, the Firefox plugins were causing me some problems, but I fixed it by changing some registry values.
Suffice it to say its been a real learning experience in how Windows XP/2000 works, which on top of the virus that AVG and Spybot combined couldn’t fix… I am looking for a free development environment which will allow me to write programmes for windows. (OK non-technical types can now continue reading).

Other maintenance done includes having fixed the curtain rails, one of the brackets had broken and several runners were missing. I ended up putting all the runners I bought back on as someone in the past has used the wrong ones, which was what was causing the curtains to snag.

Friday was children in need and we got a filler scene from the Doctor Who team. I enjoyed it and was assured by my sister Anna that non-fans also thought it entertaining. If you missed it, go to the BBC Doctor Who website and click on the link. Oh and give some money to Children In Need while you are there. It’s a good job they weren’t soley relying on the standard of the entertainment to raise the cash, which typically consisted of actors you don’t know for their singing doing a musical number and later on west end shows doing a few songs to plug their existence, I mean entertain the masses.


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