Acting responsibly

I received an email through one of the local Freecycle list

Yuu might be interested in this website, which is
offering to organise us all together in order to increase our power when
buying petrol!

I disagree fundamentally with the central premise of this site that all motorists need to use their cars. Some people because of where they live and the jobs they do need to yes. Most people do not. Most people could get by with a small amount of inconvenience without a car. The public transport system hasn’t completely fallen to pieces, and many journeys are of less than a mile which can be walked easily. With a little bit of planning most of us could get around “needing” a car. Just that most of us simply don’t want to. I don’t claim to be any kind of saint myself, I just accept that I use my car because I want to, not because I need to.

The problem with people complaining about high fuel prices is that we want a high quality and convenient lifestyle. Many people are, however, reluctant to accept the cost of that lifestyle and that much of the things we do are luxuries, not necessities.


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