New Year Break

Well I have a bit of a set-back. On 30th I slipped on a piece of ice on a fairly flat path and damaged my ankle. I’m now at my parents house in Manchester rather than at work.

I must say my friends were very impressive rallying around, setting up an emergency shelter and getting in the mountain rescue. Who were also very impressive it seemed like a swarm of them. I was confident all the way to the ambulance I was in safe hands. I have been judged a fool for nottaking my entinox but it really didn’t seem to be doing very much.

My leg will be out of action for 10 weeks- I have a pin holding my ankle in place so the tendons can recover.

So thanks again to Keswick Mountain rescue, and to Raff (who stayed with me for several hours) Rob B, Mark, Frosty, Andy, Curly, Rosie, Elanor and Dave for all their help and support, and everyone for their good wishes. I will be fine I’m sure.


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