Nearly everyone agrees with me

Given I have little else to do, I would write more about recent political events, but as James G says most of the Lib dem blogs have said it already.

the consensus in the blogosphere is that
a) we’d reached a point where he had to go
b) it was all terribly sad.

Which is basically how I felt. End of blog entry.

Actuallycomee to think of it much of what James has had to say recently I have agreed with, or at the very least found interesting, even if at times in the past I have found his tone unpalatable.

Mailing lists and blogs have sprung to life, and the general consensus is that to have 0.08% of the party’s membership (albeit a very important 0.08%) sew up a deal amongst themselves. Given what they have put the rest of us through in recent weeks I think we all need a say in where we go from here to show how we believe in fairness and democracy, but mainly to give a faintly demoralized membership a sense of involvement in our party’s future.

And here’s Peter Black with another post I agree with. Hang on aren’t we all looking for a debate?

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