Declaring an Interest

Many online Liberal Democrats are nailing their colours to the mast regarding the leadership contest. While I am inclined to put higher numbers against some candidates, and lower against others, how precisely I will vote will probably not be fixed until I see the ballot paper in front of me.

I will be waiting to see what the contenders have to say for themselves, which is difficult as given only Chris Huhne has put up a campaign website, everything I hear is filtered through the media. OK this is not a new situation, but I am sort of used to living in the 21st Century and associating with people that are more intelligent and forward thinking than the other lot.

One comment on the election though, regarding the pronunciation of Menzies. My mother seems to be in the minority of people who doesn’t think of Ming The Merciless when the name of the deputy leader of the Lib Dems is mentioned. In fact she thinks of “mingers”.

Though some can take the Flash Gordon thing too far.

Edit: Great minds think alike, when I was writing this, other bloggers were putting up their “Not declaring yet” messages.


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