Well many of you will be wanting to know how I’m getting on.

I went to the fracture clinic on Thursday and everything seems to be fine. I was in for 2 hours. I did feel the removal of the old plaster cast a bit rough, but my stitches were removed and I now have a lighter resin cast that I can fit an ordinary pair of trousers over, it’s snugger and easier to manage.

I even risked a bath yesterday, given resin won’t disolve. OK I had to sit with my head at the tap end, with my leg resting away from the water on a stool. A bit wakward but I managed to get more thorughly clean than I can usually manage.

It’s a bit frustrating, you don’t know how much you rely on getting about even to do stuff you do sitting down. It’s taken me an age to get through paperwork that would normally take me an hour becaue of having to hop around to bring it all together.


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