Personal Responsibility- We hate it.

While composing another post I was reminded of a recent advert. I’m doing this from memory because there seems to be zero reaction elsewhere on the net.

The advert was for a form of processed bread that claimed to be as good nutritionally as wholegrain bread, but with the look and taste of white bread.

It focuses on the usual happy smiling bustling family at breakfast, and as it opens we pan across several bins in the corner of the kitchen labeled according to what should be thrown away there, followed by a shot of several jars of pulses. “Great,” I thought “An advert that shows a responsible lifestyle as happy and healthy.” As the advert wore on it became clear that my pleasure was unfounded. Because the responsible lifestyle of the family in the advert was not being held up idylic, but as laughable and extreme. That’s just what me need, when people are saying it’s not worth the effort to behave responsibly, an advert saying those that do are idiots anyway.

I despair.


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