What a coincidence.

My, just as the nomination deadline for the Liberal Democrat leadership contest looms, Adrian Graves, a former Lib Dem parliamentary candidate announces, that he has signed up to Cameron’s New Liberal Conservatives (OK I meant this link) as part of his LibDems 4 Cameron squeeze message.

You’d almost think, given he’d made his decision before Christmas, it was planned that way as a spoiler or something. With the announcement of his departure, Graves mentioned rumours of similar feelings at Westminster. You can’t disprove the existance of a rumour, the mere fact you’ve mentioned it means the rumour exists. However I’m sure we can treat these rumours with a pinch of salt.

Oh Dave, Dave Dave, how I wish I could believe the new you. I would dearly love to believe you and your brethren had had an epithany and decided to join the human race, and that the New Conservative party would run the country in a fair and compassionate way. If it were in any way true I too would be looking at joining the fight against a common enemy. But given the support you’re giving New Labour on certain issues I’m afraid the front is all too transparent.

Meanwhile back on the main news of the day I’m still not declaring on my first choice for Lib Dem Leader (it is a fair election by single transferable vote after all). Although this is mainly due to waiting to see the candidates in person, than anything else.

In other news recently there was this tiny story about a worrying possible invasion of privacy and how we’re having to rely on corporate America to stand up to it. Andy H has more to say about it. On the other hand Google have announced co-operation with the Chinese government on censosrhip.

Oh and finally, I’ve been having a lot of hits from Google users looking for Mark Oaten Gossip, however I’m sorry to have to tell them I have none.


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