After a visit to the hospital yesterday I now have a foot I can put a sock and shoe on, even if the pins are still in place and my leg can’t bear the whole of my weight. After hopping down from Hartshead reception I was surprised to be immediately called to have the cast removed. After some x-rays I have been booked to return next Thursday to have the pins removed. I may be put in a weight bearing cast next week, or may be properly back on my feet. Ah it’s a relief to be able to have a proper bath, if not a shower.

Over last weekend I went for a trip out by train. I observed that many more people gave me the time of day than ususal, some offering to help. There was, however, a small miority who stared at me as if to say “what are you doing out and about cluttering my space.” It wasn’t as if I got in anyones way, I left the trains last to avoid the crush and always had my ticket ready. But some people seemed to take offense at the idea I could potentially get in their way and hold them up, even if I wasn’t doing so.


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