PIN panic

Certain up-market tabloids have been predicting Armageddon as of midnight just gone. In case you’d missed it, that was the deadline from when you could choose to sign for a transaction with a chip and pin card if you couldn’t be bothered remembering your number.

However this is not as implied a sudden pulling out of the rug from under peoples feet. The switch-off has been advertised for months by banks, on statements and in recorded messages. Every time I ring my bank to pay my credit card off, I get “remember from 14th February you will need to use your PIN to pay”. Similar words are printed on every statement. And to top that it takes a special sort of personality to repeatedly say to retailers “I don’t know my PIN” without ever getting round to doing something about it. Belligerent and self-righteously ignorant.

Anyone who has a real reason for not being able to use chip and pin (say the elderly or disabled) can opt for a chip and sig card. So in short anyone who is caught out by this is either lazy, and therefore deserving of any inconvenience they bring upon themselves, obstinate, or entitled to an exemption.

Some time ago, I made a post about PNS Syndrome. Even this far in to chip and pin I am asked to input my “PIN number”. A “PIN Number” is a “Personal Identification Number Number”. Which is just plain stupid. “PIN code” is a tautology, but just about acceptable.

Update: Em has had a frustrating time with chip and pin stupidity.


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