Computer Literacy

On Monday night we were reading the district directory and noted that all the e-mail addresses were underlined, making them difficult to read. One person there present (a rare person who occurs both in the Scouting and Political areas of this blog) was baffled as to why they didn’t just press the appropriate keys and remove the hyperlinks. Another noted that “not everyone is computer literate”.

This set me thinking. A recent proposal to SAGGA was worded on the assumption that in 2006 it is normal to have at least a basic ability in using a computer. From that perspective should we stop talking about people who are “not computer literate” and start talking about “computer illiteracy”.

As human beings we often like to protect ourselves in a bubble, and as I’ve observed the computer illiterate often like to look on those of us who “get” technology as strange and unusual. But is this fair, is it right? Is it mean to look on the world as it is, rather than in terms of others protective bubble?

Able people have feelings too, and being labeled as a “geek” and a “weirdo” for being able to understand something 90% of the population can, sometimes hurts.


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