Groveling Apologies

A while back I implicitly criticized some LibDem Bloggers (OK I was thinking of Femme De Resistance, and Steve Guy) for their attitude towards “The Darbyshires“.

I was very supportive of them at the time, I felt they were new to the whole internet thing, and needed to be cut some slack. I thought the whole ill advised reaction to a nasty and vindictive parody site written by a jealous rival was simply down to inexperience. I expected that they would learn from their mistakes and calm down.

I do take it all back. I was wrong. Their recent postings are a work of art to rival anything by Dali. The sheer hypocrisy of it all astounds me, they complain about criticism and back biting, yet are far more vicious and hysterical in their condemnation of others than anyone who’s dared to poke fun at them. Mild mannered criticism is met by screaming abuse. As any sensible person knows to keep the moral high ground you must keep any response calm and proportionate. Lashing out at someone who’s politely expressed a dislike of the colour of your shoes isn’t what normal people do.

Their recent posts are particularly troubling. Perhaps I don’t understand, but it all sounds terribly worrying.

My attitude towards “Personal” posting still stands, providing it’s done by relatively sane people. We can’t all be PPC material, or experts in Mill, but there are limits.


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