Someone who understands these things pointed out to me last night that what we write is not necessarily what people read. This was aimed mainly at me, but I think it a useful lesson for all those who need to distinguish between criticism of their written word, and criticism of themslves as people.

A personal case in point is this post which claims that when I was writing this, I was laughing at the Derbyshire. Not one bit, I was actually feeling extreme horror, bewilderment and incredulity, and am extremly dismayed at the general level of mirth out there.

I did get a brief glimmer of pride when I read this New Statesman Article, that apparently lifts words straight from my blog (according to google at least). But that didn’t last long. My hit counter has gone ballistic, all with people looking for info on the Darbyshires. According to the tracking data it’s now in the top 40 search words for people hitting this blog (but still way behind raxacoricofallapatorius). I’m now getting quite concerned about the whole thing. Watching two people appear to have a nervous breakdown live on the net is not my idea of fun.

In a discussion elsewhere I noted that some young people tend to see tact as dishonesty. Leah’s recent spoofs based on criticisms of her writing style read like a twelve year old, “So I shouldn’t talk about how attractive I am so much? Should I pretend I’m ugly instead?” From an educated person in their 20s that isn’t funny.

A will admit when I read that they had left the party, part of me felt relieved. But another part of me feels very sad that I will probably never meet them and get to put their writing into perspective.


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