Water Water Everywhere

Simon Hughes made a great point on Question Time last week, regarding the South East water shortages. That as well as investing in the appropriate infrastructure, we should be tackling the reasons why so many people need to crowd in to the South East of England, by having a sensible regional policy and incentives.

Looking at a website advertising charity jobs recently, it was appalling to see how many waste donors money by being based in London, rather than having a cheaper regional office. In this day and age with modern communications, there is no need for all head offices to crowd into one city.

On the website is a less generous take on the same point.

A viewer says: As a resident of N E Lincs I don’t want my water taken away to fill the swimming pools of Surrey and provide water to wash the vehicles of three and four car stockbroker families. If these people want plentiful water let them move north and, in doing so, alleviate the demand for water in the south-east.

Slightly selfish, but the right idea, why in this day and age do we need to have the head office of anything within a tube ride of parliament and the head office of everything else.

The other point on water shortages is that many of the people suffering hosepipe bans are not acknowledging the fact they use so much more water than we used to. While it is sensible for water companies to provide rain water butts to help people conserve water, we should be taking more responsibility for our own actions. While drinking water is a necessity, daily baths, swimming pools, clean cars and green gardens aren’t, and if asked to not waste so much water on them we should respond in a sensible way, by taking responsibility for our own actions.

Easy for me to say for someone living in Yorkshire, with no garden to speak of, and ten minutes walk from a train station. But that doesn’t make what I have to say less true.


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