My original plans for this weekend have fallen through as I was unable to get time to speak to the people at Gillwell to clear up where I stood on the CRB situation.

So before I go out, I’ll have some time to myself and update my blog. Yes I did make a whole month’s worth of posts yesterday evening.

Had the latest Scouting email and was slightly embarassed to see the Scout Association ecouraging people to vote for it on the How To Give To Charity website.

There’s a forum which is not very illumiating reading. Many Scouts and Guides post a one-off message about how great the Scout Association is. But sadly there have been one or two people who have posted some quite ignorant views.

A umber of myths are bandied about

  • That Scouting and Guiding is Militaristic.
  • That Scouting and Guiding has a lot of land and is therefore “rich”
  • That Scouting and Guiding is not a worthy charitable cause.
  • That Scouting and guiding is just a lesiure activity.

I wish Scouting was rich, but it is very much a cinderella charity, it’s value not obvious to many. It’s an image problem, and difficult to combat, because the answer to many of the points is either a long essaye no-one would have patience with, or the simply “No that’s not correct.” If the other three points were true I would give up tomorrow.

Many seem to think we’re just having a jolly time. Which of course we are because without fun it’s not Scouting. However if it is just fun, it ceases to have value and ceases to be Scouting.


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