Counting the calories

Some random ideas and facts, gathered together in one place because many of the diet sites don’t like to confuse their clientelle with actual science or facts.

A gramme of fat contains 37 kJ of energy (9 kCal).
A gramme of sugar only contains 17kJ (4 kCal).

Lifting a kilogramme 1 metre uses 9.8 joules of energy. Working this out I calculated a man of average hight and average build will burn 1 gramme of fat every time he walks up stairs in an average house. Or to put it another way, 35 times to work off that Double Decker[1].

If you carry a double decker up a 2km climb, the energy absorbed eating the double decker will only compensate for the carrying of it.

There are two uses of the word calorie, one is an imperial unit of energy, the other is a measure of how much fat & carbohydrate you take in and expell. Confusingly a food calorie is worth 1000 scientific calories. Probably because the lowest common denominator get scared by scinetific terms like “kilo”. Both are used interchangably on food packaging, so somthing that is there to sooth the nerves of a foolish minority, actually goes to further confuse the rest of us. I’ll stick to the proper measurements in order to save confusion.

Obscure fact, Dr Pepper has fewer “calories” in it than pure Apple juice and about the same as pure Orange juice. True they are “empty” calories as Dr Pepper contains no protein or fibre. Luckily whole fruit has far fewer calories than chocolate bars or crisps, so maks healthy snack food.

So that’ll be a Tomato juice please…

[1] That’s the Cadbury’s chocolate bar, not a large road vehicle.[2]

[2] That’s humour not pedantry.


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