Can you credit it?

Got a letter while I was away, from Bank of Scotland stating that my Scout Association credit card was being passed from BoS to MBNA.

This being the aggressive marketing kings MBNA “Oh there’s no-one on the MPS of that name at that address” sort of thing.

I resignedly rang up to cancel, and was asked why. So I told the customer service assistant. Yes she said a lot of people were canceling their cards because
they were unhappy with the move to a disreputable company. “It’s out of our hands”. Now I regret not querying this. Did the Scout Association choose to switch to MBNA, not finding itself having the switch done behind its back by the two companies?
Or did she mean it was done by the bosses and not the people who actually have to speak to the customers.

I mean MBNA? We may as well have the uniform sponsored by Nestle and be done with it.

Update: I’ve been assured that it was a business deal between HBOS and MBNA, and not the Scout Association’s choice.


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