On a bandwagon

Been busy, too busy to blog, but here is a quiz for you. Name the songs from the first lines. No googling.

The original idea was to use I-tunes, put it on shuffle, and then take the first line of each of the first few songs (excluding those whose first line is the title) but I only realised that half way through. So, yes I cheated, but that doesn’t mean you can!

As featured on many good weblogs. Including Will‘s.

20/09/2006: Updated to eliminate guessed answers

27/09/2006: Finally got round to adding all the answers

  1. Well we got no choice All the girls and boysSchool’s Out – Alice Cooper Identified by Dr Tom
  2. Somewhere in the distance Hidden from view It’s a mystery – Toyah identified by Andy K
  3. Steve walks warily down the street With the brim pulled way down lowAnother One bites the dust -Queen itendified by Tom
  4. I heard you on the wireless back in Fifty TwoVideo Killed the Radio Star – The Buggles identified by Will
  5. Wow! Moving on the floor now babe, You’re a bird of paradise Rio – Duran Duran, Identified by Tom, an Anonyomus commenter and Pete
  6. When the world leaves you feeling blue Reach – S Club 7 identified by Mad
  7. You’re weird in tears too near and too far awayReady to Go – Republica Identified by Will
  8. You get a shiver in the dark> Sultans of Swing – Dire Straits identified by Will
  9. Seven years of waiting Seven years of holding on New Beginning – Stephen Gately
  10. Mary this is yours – The Lemon Song
  11. I don’t want to go out. I want to stay in. Modern Love – David Bowie identified by Dr Tom
  12. I sing myself to sleep Sit Down – James Identified by Mad
  13. There was one in the gang who had Scalextric All I want for Christmas is a Dulklah Preague Away Kit – Half man Half Biscuit Identified by Pete Johns
  14. If a black man is racist, is it okay? – Spiders Web – Katie Melua
  15. I was born in a crossfire hurricane Jumpin Jack Flash – The Rolling Stones identified by David M
  16. I’m only a poor little sparrow – The Sparrow – Abbey Hey Ramblers
  17. Poor old Johnny Ray. Come on Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners identified by Pete Johns
  18. Once there was a man who had a little too much time on his hands Return to Oz – Scissor Sisters, Identified by Pete Johns
  19. Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as Park Life – Blur (Featuring Phil Daniels) identified by Mad and Dr Tom
  20. I cross the void beyond the mind (Will refused to admit he knew this, but he very well it’s I am The Doctor by Jon Pertwee)
  21. Riding on any wave there is the luck you crave Connection – Elastica identified by Will
  22. Don’t you think it’s funny that nothings what it seems when you’re not looking forward Size of a Cow – The Wonderstuff Identified by Mad
  23. Hast du etwas Zeit fur mich Dann singe ich ein Lied fur dich 99 Luftblons – Nena identified by Pete Johns
  24. I’m your only friend, I’m not your only friend Birdhouse in your soul – They might be giants identified by Dr Tom
  25. Every little thing you do is harder than you dream Hope for you and me – The Promise – title identified by Andy K
  26. Once I belived that when love came to me Getting better – Cass Elliott identified by Sarah

Answers to any of these in the comments box.


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