Perhaps it is Rocket Science…

Perhaps I was bullied too many times at School, and was but I tend to think intelligent people are intrinsically better than people who aren’t. That people who are good at Maths English and Science are better than those who are simply confident and popular, and presentation is simply a non-skill.

I have a confession- I have a guilty pleasure. I frequent the eBay postage and packaging forum. Many people come in with sensible questions, and get sensible answers. Yet there are people who make silly errors, and come in ranting and raving about how bad it is that the system doesn’t protect them from themselves. More often that not they are told what they need to know, however people don’t like being told that their own misfortunes are their own silly fault, and they shoot the messenger. This is a bad move. There’s a knowledgeable crowd there who don’t suffer fools, as well they shouldn’t. Once a person starts having a go at someone simply for explaining basic information about how the world works, the safety catches comes off on the sarcasm is turned on full blast.

I believe people should take responsibility for their actions, and carelessness is an action. People who don’t, for example, read the postage rate before buying should accept the consequences as their due comeuppance.

However programmes like watchdog feature people who’ve been caught out by being incapable of understanding the very large print, so do I over estimate average human intelligence?

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