Websites for organisations

An acquaintance did a round of various websites looking for information on meetings and conferences. I think Simon’s original point was well made, and even though the article was deliberately provocative, there is too much shooting the messenger. People don’t like to think of themselves as lacking in skills, and sometimes define common abilities as obscure, bullying and abusing those who assume a level of general knowledge.

The article raised some interesting points. I think non-it literate people tend
to normalise their relative lack of use of the web, to assume the large group who go to the web first for info are actually a small group of propeller heads. Officers of any organisation (be it political party, or scout district) are there to make sure stuff gets done, not necessarily to do it.

Many people who have the skills to support a website don’t have the time to be the actual webmaster, or do the one man band IT role, many committees would hope for. There may be three people who could between them support a valuable web presence
There are people who are great graphic designers but poor coders, or great coders who couldn’t knock up a website that was navigable by anyone who didn’t already know what they were looking for. But but two or three of them together and you could get something special.

I don’t have the glib veneer of confidence that many mistake for capability. But put in the right team and I could do wonders.


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