How to boil your blood.

Today I made the fatal mistake of going out in my car at lunchtime. Why? Well for the moment I have forgone the Today programme in favour of the Togmeister on Radio 2.

However at lunchtime its the Jeremy Vine show, or as some call it the Daily Mail of radio. (Not to be confused with Tonight with Trevor McDonald).

The item under discussion was the two judges who were embroiled in charges of employing an illegal immigrant. Now the term “illegal immigrant” is a red rag to certain sectors of society, meaning they lose all sense of, well sense.

OK so the Judges have done something embarrassing in their private life, that is more than a little ironic given their day jobs. But some of the responses were frankly silly. Lots of mentions were made of how the judges paid the woman’s national insurance, but surely cleaners either work for agencies or are self employed. When my window cleaner comes round I don’t pay him what I owe less tax and national insurance, and send the rest to the inland revenue. Similarly the electrician who will be round next week will be sending me an invoice for the whole job and he will fill in his own tax return. Why is a cleaner any different in people’s minds? Of course the judges have been very silly and deserve the consequences, but if we can’t even comprehend the simpler aspects of the story what validity do our views have?

“You don’t need a degree in rocket science” said one caller before demonstrating his complete lack of understanding of the situation. Well if Jeremy Vine and his callers are any indication of the state of the UK, no wonder Beagle 2 failed.

Vine’s style doesn’t help. He has a very urgent style of a hard hitting reporter which cracks to pices with some of his questions which betray a poor understanding of the stiuation. Jimmy Young used to ask similar questions, only with his more gentle avuncular style he came across as someone who wanted to be enlightened, or indeed dispel misconceptions, rather than a dim person refusing to listen.

Meanwhile a friend of a friend who has been here since before I was born is being deported because it’s no longer dangerous in her country of origin. A pillar of the community is being sent back so NAS can show the baying mob it’s doing what they want. Sick.

Must get back to work.


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