Borrowing from the best

Got to hand it to David Cameron, he knows a good idea when he sees one.

Two recent examples are him following not so hot on the heels of the Lib Dem webcasts with Webcameron. Essentially Webcameron is the ideas we pioneerd only with added spin and fakery.

The other being taking on our green tax agenda, only perhaps a bit more luke warmly. Still luke warm, saving energy, good for the planet y’know.

I’m the sort of person who supports the lib dems because I think they want to run things the way they should be run. My main desire is to see the world becoming as good a place as possible, so it’s pleasing when others begin to “get it”. OK I have nagging doubts that the substance of Cameron matches the style, but praise where praise is due.

Which shows that I too can nick a good idea…


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