How slow can you be?

Apologies to people who don’t listen to Radio4.

Listened to Feedback on Friday lunch, and had to giggle.

Where do they get these people?

Lots of people were up in arms about the sensational storylines in the Archers, particularly the recent Sam and Ruth business. I don’t know about the validity of those just complaining about the sensational aspects, but many were complaining about personality transplants, and things having happened virtually overnight with no build up. What have these people been listening to? One listener went on to complain that these things should be prepared for months in advance. Well unlike my father I’m no regular listener, but they were.

One thing the Archers doesn’t do is fast paced story lines. Jack Woolly was slowly going senile for years. The Sam and Ruth storyline has been bubbling along in the background that even I as someone who listens when I happen to be in the car at the time have picked up on it.

Things don’t suddenly happen in the Archers. Which makes me wonder how unperceptive you have to be to be surprised by plot twists like this one.

It’s all due to come to a head the day before my birthday, the Archers’ 1500000th episode. I may even tune in.

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