Hey! That’s a bit silly.

No one, but no one will understand the reference, but I’ll carry on.

I’m still following Torchwood, usually delayed on the PVR even though it’s on six out of seven days a week.

Last night’s was a bit of a daft base under siege runaround, set almost entirely in the hub. Torchwood is a post-watershed “adult” programme. By adult it means only suitable for over 18’s not any suggestion of intelectual depth, although the emotion is still there from its parent.

The plot was basically, and this isn’t a spoiler, sexy female cyborg looks sexy and creates havoc. As seen in the trailers cybergirl is shown throughout incompete and minus her outer armour in a cheap attempt to show some flesh. The costume even has high heels.

Many criticising the show seem to be expecting “adult” to mean the sort of Sci-fi that would not be out of place on BBC4. Torchwood is very much BBC3, the BBC station for 18-25 year olds, and I’m not convinced I’m part of its demographic. Still it’s fun and even if I stop watching I would defend the right of its target audience to be entertained.


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