Going spare!

Yeah I know I can get a bit irritable and picky.

However my vacuum cleaner has gone kaput- the brushes don’t go round.

So having been busy all yesterday I left work after the Vac Shop had closed. So I went to the retail park where Currys and Comet reside. Looked round and found there were no drive belts- the only consumables being. The annyance being that when I asked for a drive belt the supervisor acted as if I’d asked for some obscure spare like a motor or switch, he even said we don’t stock spares. But to me a drive belt for a vaccuum cleaner is a consumable. Not a spare.

It doesn’t help that the design of the vaccuum has been made so that the drive belt is not easily replaced by a regular person. so what was once a consumable is now only replaceable by the more extreme user, not everyone of a normal technical competence.


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