Lake District Day 1

Spent last night at home in Steeton with Sarah. Sarah has returned to Hull and I’ll be joining her on Saturday. I meanwhile have travelled up to the lakes to spend a couple of days with BUSAG PMA.

I arrived at Rookin House at 10am just a few minutes after the others had left. Unfortunately I was heading in the wrong direction when the message came through and I had to turn round and head back to Glen Rydding.

So I bought myself a new map case at the village store and headed up the path toward Helvelyn. It was quite a dry if cold day and I made good progress on the pathway that was very wide and clear. I reached the junction with Swirral edge and was about to head back when I spotted the others just ahead of me. Some of them remarked how well I’d recovered to be up there so soon after my accident. I think the exercise regime and losing all that weight had helped, I certainly wouldn’t have caught up otherwise!

A good days walk and a good start to this brief trip.


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