Lake District – Day 2

Up early to help cook breakfast, my phone alarm not enamouring me to Curly who was in the top bunk. Last night was spent in a traditional new year pursuit, that of extended games of Risk (the board game). The game was only ended when we all decided to go to bed, ages after everyone else. There was no clear winner.

My culinary skills weren’t up to the usual standard, and I was my usual early morning untalkative self.

We stayed in the centre till about half ten as the weather through certain windows was terrible, as anyone venturing as far as the car park would attest. Eventually we headed to Keswick, and walked out via a cercuitous route to Portinscale, whereupon all but 5 of us turned back. The remaining 5 continued to a pub near the Hawes End centre, and many of us ordered starters from the bar menu to supplement our sandwiches. We were joined by R&R plus 4 who decided to drive.

The weather had cleared by the time we had to head back and we walked the return trip in half the time, leaving an hour or so for an attempt on the North face of Keswick High Street. RB bought himself some new walking shoes, to replace an old pair, as it is not permitted to leave New Year with less gear than you came with. I failed to find a camera case I liked, thinking those available either too flimsy or too expensive.

The evening meal is goin to be some sort of curry, there are tins of coconut milk in the pantry so I’m wondering if it’s anything on the lines of my usual repertoire.

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