Lake District Day 3

Last day in the lakes this year. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, and it’s been great catching up with people.

Today I tried to get on a shorter walk as I was returning home. After some confusion, I ended up going to Patterdale from where we walked up Grisedale toward Grisedale tarn. The car park was partially flooded, as had been bits of the road on the way down, but I parked blocking Rach H’s car in. The car park was far cheaper than Glenridding which made up for the new lake.

We’d chosen that route because even though the rain had eased, the weather was still a bit windy, and being in a valley meant it was more sheltered. Part way along the route was Ruthwaite Lodge, a shelter, which was a sight for sore eyes, however it had been restored in memory of two outdoor persuits instructors, and was locked. Still we took five minutes to, as we call it, faff and have a small amount of food before the ascent.

We were met be a couple who had turned back because the wind was to severe, and as we got within half a mile of the tarn the wind did become a bit of a struggle, particularly for Claire L was considerably more slight than the rest of us, and had to be shielded by Andy K (not the one on the right there!).

The return journey was much quicker, however the one landmark we were looking out for, Ruthwaite Lodge, which turned out to have been hidden behind a crag. Obviously when you come to think of it, else the building would have its work cut out providing shelter.

I think my walking has benefited from me losing weight and getting fitter, I managed to keep up with the others easily.

I got back to the car at ten to three, and noted that Rob and Phil were in the pub, but with an appointment at Ikea, and in Beverley I decided I couldn’t dawdle, so drove straight back here for a shower and to get changed.

Funnily enough I have both enjoyed my brief walking trip, and am not sorry about leaving earlier than the rest.

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