I feel dreadful

I’ve just realized the full implications of something I have done.

Some weeks ago I was contacted by someone. They’d heard about me, somehow (exactly how was unclear), and knew I was a bright and trustworthy individual who could help them out.

This person was a clerk in an African bank, and had spotted that a client had died without any any living relatives as far as he could see. Apparently in cases like this it’s quite normal for bank clerks to help themselves to the money and retire overseas, and this one wanted my help in relocating him and his cash to the UK, for which he was pleased to pay me a not insubstantial commission. Enough, lets say, to make me a millionaire. Funny old world, here this would be considered major fraud, and no trustworthy individual would touch it with a bargepole.

Anyway horror of horrors, I just discovered they found the last living relative. Oh no! How’s she going to feel when she discovers me and my new friend have all her cash?

Talking about cash, I’d better be sure that that payment is in place to facilitate the transfer…

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