Mind the gap

So after the Doctor Who Christmas episode, fast becoming a tradition to rival Morcame and Wise, we may be thinking we have a few months before any new Doctor Who crosses the airwaves?

Not so. Two weeks ago BBC7 started broadcasting all new episodes featuring the Eighth Doctor and a new companion played by Sheridan Smith from Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.

BBC7 is so called because you don’t just listen to it through digital radio. Although the meaning of the word Radio has expanded to include audio broadcasts over the Internet, the BBC don’t seem to want to sully themselves with this new usage of the word. And so it’s BBC7 and not Radio7.

Which is fair enough, as most of my listening is of already broadcast shows using “Listen Again”. For example
Clicking here will launch the BBC7 player and play the latest episode of Doctor Who. I think.

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