Had a successful day yesterday and purchased everything we needed more quickly than expected. So we then visited the national Media Museum in Bradford.

Unfortunately some inconsiderate so and so had built a city centre between where we were and the museum, so after a bit of driving round and some squeezing into a very tight on street parking space we arrived.

The museum is really excellent. I’ve only visited twice before, once organized by Simon Bubb three or four years ago, and once way back when I was about 10. Last time much of the TV gallery was the same as ever and looking ever so slightly tired. This time the TV experience has been rehoused in nice shiny new displays, and it looks all the better for it. Sarah had a go at reading the news on an autocue, and we both had a go at operating cameras. A new interactive exhibit demonstrates how TV signals get to you via cable Satellite and terrestrial routes, and I thought that was quite clever.

On the way back I decided to go a different way to normal, and ended up taking a more direct route into Bingly than anticipated. Sarah may describe this as me getting lost, but I wouldn’t!

Then back home for some very important Internet shopping!


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