Jargon doesn’t phase me

Just doing a job for a friend who’s looking for a new laptop. Asked round the office about where to get a laptop, and all courusd the same supplier. Which I won’t name, as this is not about them.

I’m currently getting to grips with the website of a competitior. The recommendation being that they are on the high street, and although the general low level of technical knowledge leads them to give over simplified explainations, they do sell good quality kit and aren’t likely to be here one day and gone the next.

The frustrating thing is that in order not to baffle and scare off some buyers with too much jargon, they’ve replaced technical terms with exciting marketing language. The worst culprit being a “Super Multi Dual Layer Drive”. I prefered the jargon! This term isn’t explained anywhere in the jargon buster (because it’s marketing speak, not jargon) so instead of a term some people won’t understand, we have one that no-one will understand.


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