The case of the missing narrowboat

Friends have alerted me to the perplexing case of the missing narrowboat.

Holly was hired from Middlewich Narrowboats on the 9th March by David King, who did not return on 23rd March. Holly was last sighted on 20th March in Shropshire, and on 21st April heading South away from Birmingham, and a possible sighting in Leicestershire, but given it’s been a month since he could be anywhere. To complicate things three weeks ago Holly had been painted blue, and may even have been decorated further in the meantime. I understand Holly can be identified by her windows- which are one piece rather than having opening lights. Mr King could be heading towards his home in St Albans.

Thefts of canal boats are extremely unusual, the owners have only known of one other go missing. The loss of Holly is costing them £1000 per week in lost revenue.

David himself has not returned home, so is presumed to still be with the boat, and his family are worried about him. If you do, when wandering out and about, see David or Holly please contact Cheshire police.


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