A minor setback

I’ve missed Scouts for the first time in ages tonight. It all happened on Sunday night- I had a bit of a funny turn, (Sarah: no he didn’t, he had a full-blown seizure and have you tried getting a 13 stone man in the recovery position when he’s managed to wedge himself in between the oven and table and is both convulsing and choking at the same time) which was certainly scary for Sarah. After briefly (Sarah: 1 hour is not brief!) forgetting our wedding and the fact that we were married, I spent the night in hospital recovering. Actually I felt a bit of a fraud because apart from a mild headache I didn’t feel the slightest bit ill afterwards. (Sarah: seizures certainly don’t affect his appetite, believe me!)

The doctors feel that this was a one-off occurence, but I have to stop driving for a while (Sarah: a year!!) just to be sure. This makes sorting my life out doubly important. Sarah is happy to do much of the driving for a bit, but I can’t impose too much.

I’m so happy to be with Sarah, her love and support over the past few days have shown what a wonderful woman I’ve married.
(Sarah: When I promised to love him in sickness and in health I didn’t expect to have to dial 999 for an ambulance nine days later! I hope he doesn’t test all the clauses in our wedding vows as rigorously as he’s tested this one!)


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